Surebo Technologies Online

Surebo Technologies Online

Surebo Technologies Online (STO) is the part of Surebo Technologies that provides online programs. We think that the power of the internet today has become very great, and many things are achievable online, faster and sometimes better than offline.
We created an online gaming platform, with games made by us. The platform currently provides a Top 50 scoreboard for each game, and an option for other flash game developers to put their games in the platform.
Surebo Technologies are great, but some people preffer to do things online, because it is faster. We are happy to make online programs. You can suggest us a program, an online program, to fit your needs.

Surebo Online Games

The Surebo online gaming platform, is an online technology for flash games and the challenges in them. The platform cooperates with the wonderful flash games to make an awesome gaming experience, where there is a Top 50 scoreboard, allowing gamers from all over the world to challenge each other for the top highscores in each game.
The platform currently contains 5 Surebo-made games, and more are to be added.

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